Sustainably fuelling tomorrow, today

Creating new opportunities for output diversification and sustainable fuel production with our patented anaerobic digestion oil separation solution.

About Bisviridi

With decades of combined experience in the waste and anaerobic digestion industry, we were perfectly placed to look at new opportunities. Anaerobic digestion already turns waste into a source of renewable energy – but what if we could maximise this existing process? 

Due to the growing need for alternatives to oil-based fuels that can be produced cost-effectively and at scale, we’ve spent the last three years perfecting an anaerobic digestion oil extraction system that costs a fraction of what existing oil separation plants do. 

Not all fats, oils and greases are consumed by the digestion process. Our patented technology recovers this material with little to no reduction in biogas potential.

This allows AD plant owners to diversify their output, and as a result, their income, by creating the opportunity to extract biodiesel from their feedstock and transform it into a valuable commodity.

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Who we work with

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Alfa Laval

We’ve partnered with Alfa Laval in our mission to simplify oil extraction in the anaerobic digestion process. As an organisation, Alfa Laval are committed to a sustainable world, in addition to being world-leaders in the heat transfer, separation and fluid handling industries.

Their dedication to innovative and sustainable solutions to combat environmental concerns, and the shared values between Bisviridi and Alfa Laval, make us confident in this partnership and the technology we are executing.

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Anaerobic Digestion Plants

Our many years of experience working closely with anaerobic digestion plants has given us the expertise to optimise the oil separation process with minimal impact on the methane and overall output.

By selling this extracted oil onwards for use as fuel, you’re diversifying your output, increasing your income, and future-proofing not only your plant, but the planet.

How it works

Feedstock is removed from the process and pushed through our patented oil extraction system, leaving some of the feedstock behind to ensure that a fraction of the oil remains to aid the anaerobic digestion. This is key for the smooth-running of the whole cycle. From the food waste we have siphoned off, the oil is cleanly removed in order to be sold on for other purposes, and the food waste continues its anaerobic digestion journey.

We have worked tirelessly to pinpoint where in the anaerobic digestion process oil extraction should take place, and to ensure that it is done so with minimal or no impact on the methane or final output.

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Why we’re different

Oil separation isn’t new. But what is new is how we’re working with existing anaerobic digestion plants to introduce this technology to their processes.

Our solution differs from existing methods which generate biogas and oil from biomass, because the oil extraction step is carried out between hydrolysis and methanogenesis. Existing technology does so upstream of the first anaerobic treatment step, reducing the quality of the outputs.

Output Diversification

As the need for sustainable fuel has increased, our solution allows you to add value to your AD plant by diversifying your output.

Affordable Implementation

Within six months of a confirmed order, we can have our oil separation kit up and running at a fraction of the cost when you compare to the historic practices of having AD plants built alongside oil recovery businesses.

Waste from Waste

The oil extracted during the anaerobic digestion process is a waste that is turned into a product that has been recovered from waste. This type of secondary waste is pretty unique in the recycling world and a huge win for sustainability.

Environmental Impact

Extracting the oil during anaerobic digestion prevents the unused organic materials breaking down onto farmland as part of the digestate output.

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