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A bit about us

With decades of combined experience within the AD industry, we wanted to find a way to help future-proof anaerobic digestion plants and the planet.

After so long working with waste of all kinds, utilising the oil byproduct in the AD process was a logical next step. For the last three years we’ve been passionately researching, working with technology providers, and optimising, optimising, optimising, to ultimately come up with this patented solution. We’re so excited for what we’ve achieved and how it will change the future of anaerobic digestion plants.

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Using an oil separator to remove previously wasted oil from the AD process is not only a sure-fire way to diversify plant output, but it’s also a commitment to sustainability. Biofuels are essential in the fight against climate change, and it’s very important to us that this byproduct can go on to fuel planes, buses, and cars well into the future.

The oil produced is also a waste that has been produced from a waste; an accredited waste from an accredited source.

This is, in fact, the reason for our name: bis viridi means ‘twice green’ in Latin.

Case Study

New SAF Regulations

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